Athletics, Genetics and Race

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Have you ever noticed that a really small number of people are ready to talk about and discuss about the sport of racing when it comes to talking about sports? This is actually a really intriguing observation, because it seems to be really obvious genetically, than in nearly any kind of human endeavor. You can notice it in the performance of the athletes as well as their race, hence, get a slight knowledge about their genes, however, and still, there are no takers. Every single person is simply a chicken when the talk turns to racing and when a person has to race. Not too long ago, I had a similar conversation with a person I knew and this is what he said:

“According to me athletics or genetics or even race is an area that goes ahead and warrants some amount of political correctness, or at least a small amount of restraint, in the recent past, at present and most likely quite a long time into the future. There are a great number of good enough reasons for this thing. Just keep in mind Jimmy the Greek as well as his comments.”

You see, the thing is that Jimmy the Greek was actually fired for the things that he said, coz what he said didn’t really come out right, so I am not going to go ahead and condone any thing over there. With regards to Jimmy the Greek and his comments, you can always go on to You Tube, for I believe that an actual clip is present online. Jimmy
Negated just one fact and that was that he did not really say that the best person for the job should actually go ahead and do the job, in his defense of reverse discrimination, so, all his comments were obviously not received in a really good manner or in good humor.

Had he just qualified all of his comments, he would not have been fired. Basketball is one sport where the superior and the best players play in order to win. This is exactly what life should be like.

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